The Central Calendar for your work life

With AI that monitors your communications. Tasks, meetings, and deadlines in one place. Linked to your enterprise projects.

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Never Miss a Critical Request
or Communication Again

1 - calendar
Central Calendar

Tasks, meetings and deadlines in one place. Complete work-life management for you and your team in a single app. 

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2 - ai
AI monitoring

Belt monitors your communications for requests from trusted contacts and suggests tasks for your to-do list. 

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3 - folder
Integrate with project and opportunity management tools 

Tag tasks, huddles, and meetings to associate them with projects and prospects.  Use tags to power detailed reports and integrate with CRMs – all with enterprise-grade security! 

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4 - clock
Virtual standups and pre-time entry 

Your End-of-day report supplies you with a virtual standup report and time tracking data. Export your activities for integration with time entry systems.  

Virtual standups and pre-time entry 
5 - mail
Never miss an email 

Never miss an important email again. Belt alerts you when you forget to respond to an email from an important contact. 

Never Miss an Email 
6 - chart
Team and project status reporting 

With one click, generate information-rich retrospective and prospective reports on projects, staff, and activities, including availability and time spent. 

Team and project status reporting 
7 - time
Workload management

Understand your capacity – and that of your team -  when you’re scheduling or delegating work.  

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8 - hand
Ad-hoc Request Management 

A complete process for managing multi person requests. Delegate tasks to others or raise your hand to say “I’m on it!”  See who’s taking on what, and get automated follow-up reminders.  

Ad-hoc Request Management 
9 - moon
End of day reflection 

End your day by reviewing today’s activities -  including tasks, meetings, and huddles - and reschedule anything left for another day. 

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10 - flag
Focus on start, not deadline 

Not everything has a deadline, but it all needs to get done. Belt allows you to plan by start date on a daily or weekly basis so that no task gets left behind. Let Belt be your tickler system so that nothing gets left undone.

Focus on start, not deadline 
11 - settings

With bespoke Microsoft 365 add-ins and a comprehensive suite of APIs to integrate with project management systems, CRMs and more, Belt fits in to your workflows, your way.

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How does Belt Software help you?

Improved responsiveness 

Boost client retention: Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost revenues by 25-95%.
Faster response time: Over 60% of customers highly value quick resolution of issues, which improves client satisfaction and retention. 

Be available: Businesses can grow revenues between 4% and 8% above their market when prioritizing better customer service experiences.

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Manage better in a hybrid world

Clear communication: Frustration with unclear management guidance affects up to 30% of employees. Reduce it by centralizing communications. 

Focus on what matters: Employees typically spend more than 30 hours per month in unproductive meetings, highlighting a significant chance to improve time management. 

Boost productivity: Cutting meeting frequency by 40% can increase employee productivity by over 70%, according to the Harvard Business Review.  

Burnout prevention

Reduce burnout: With 9 out of 10 workers experiencing burnout, effective workload management is essential to improve employee well-being. 

Fewer distractions: Almost 70% of employees struggle to cope with distraction at work. Clear communication can help focus on important tasks and increase productivity. 

Boost focus and productivity: Implementing better time management practices could sharpen focus for more than 8 out of 10 employees, leading to improved job satisfaction and performance.