The Central Calendar for your work life

With AI that monitors your communications. Tasks, meetings, and deadlines in one place.
Linked to your enterprise projects.


Belt helps you tackle ad hoc requests, email prioritization, task organization, workload capacity, and resource allocation head-on.


Who are we?

Our leadership team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs in enterprise SaaS with a history of building successful ventures. With a proven track record of leading diverse, global teams, we understand firsthand the complexities of managing clients, teams, and projects across different cultures and time zones. This insight has driven us to assemble an exceptional A-team, well-versed in both enterprise and SaaS software domains.


Our mission

The modern worker faces a perfect storm of environment challenges that impact responsiveness, including endless meetings, communication overload, and a steady flow of ad hoc requests. Belt seeks to harness the power of emergent technologies to relieve these burdens. Using AI to monitor your communication channels and automatically identify tasks, we pull all your work items — tasks, meetings and deadlines — together into the one interface we all use every day: an integrated Central Calendar. We're building a new standard for workplace efficiency and connectivity, to ensure you never miss a critical request or communication again. 


Our approach

We consistently hear from our users that they struggle to respond to ad-hoc requests due to the constant overflow of emails, IMs and other communications they receive. In the era of hybrid and remote work, overcommunication is prevalent, but responsiveness remains a critical expectation and is fundamentally linked to exceptional client service. To address this pain point, we are leveraging several AI techniques - including machine learning, large language models, and natural language processing - in conjunction with a central calendar, to help teams manage their communication more effectively. Whether clients are internal or external, our innovative central calendar approach enables knowledge workers to remain responsive and manage their workload more efficiently. Our approach avoids the need for users to adapt to an entirely new interface, integrating seamlessly into their existing workflow.

Never miss a critical request or communication again

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The Central Calendar for your work life 
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Tasks, meetings, & deadlines in one place 
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With AI that monitors your inbox 

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Linked to your enterprise projects