About Us


Who Are We?

Our leadership team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry with a history of building successful ventures. With a proven track record of leading diverse, global teams, we understand firsthand the complexities of managing clients, teams, and projects across different cultures and time zones. This insight has driven us to assemble an exceptional A-team, well-versed in both enterprise and SaaS software domains.

Our journey has been shaped by personal experience with the very business challenges we now address, enriched by ongoing dialogue with our customers. These conversations and the advent of large language models have opened the door to innovative solutions that help streamline daily work life. It is through this blend of customer feedback and cutting-edge technology that our solutions are crafted, ensuring they are not only pioneering but also finely tuned to meet the real-world needs of our users.


Our Mission

At Belt, our mission is to transform your time management and task execution. We strive to clear away the clutter of ineffective scheduling, offering a streamlined system that rescues you from the quicksand of to-do lists and the pitfalls of procrastination.

Our Design Goals for You

  1. Never Miss a Task
  2. Everything in One Place
  3. On-time Client Responses
  4. Improve Hybrid Work
  5. Streamline Internal Communications and Project Planning