Security at Belt Software

Security is a core value that drives our business forward. From establishing policies and procedures to implementing security controls according to the principle of defense-in-depth, 

our security program is built upon the following:

Security Governance

  • Information security policies and procedures documented and reviewed at least annually.

  • Security awareness and training to all employees upon onboarding and periodically through educational modules.


  • Belt enforces TLS 1.2 minimum for data in transit and enforces encryption at rest for all instances and database.


  • Belt employees are granted access to applications based on their role. Access is revoked automatically upon termination of employment.

  • Production database authentication enforced, and access restricted to users with a business need only.

  • Access reviews are conducted periodically and required changes are tracked.

Endpoint Security & Third-party Management

  • Mobile Device Management in place to centrally manage mobile devices with policies around security, patching, and encryption enforced.

  • Vendor management program in place based on a risk-based approach.

Incident Response & Business Continuity

  • Incident response plan is approved and communicated to authorized users. It is tested at least annually.

  • Business continuity plan is approved and tested at least annually.

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